Other Services

Other Expertise/Services
In addition to our residential survey work, we carry out a range of valuation work and our other services include:

• Mortgage valuations
• Probate and tax valuations
• Residential investment advice and valuation
• Matrimonial valuations
• Part exchange valuations
• Right to buy valuations for Local Authorities
• Negotiating land compensation and compulsory purchase claims
• Advice in connection with boundary disputes
• Schedule of dilapidations and condition
• Residential project management and building services
• Freehold and Leasehold valuation of houses and flats
• Measured Surveys
• Submissions for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent
• Submissions for Building Regulation Consents
• CPR compliant Expert Witness reports
• Planning Appeals
• Acquisition advice in respect of property purchases
• Relocation advice
• Property search service